Pan Asian


Pan Asian

The most extensive platform of resources in Asia, with local expertise and international management.


Seamless omni-channel touchpoints for the everchanging Asian consumer

Expertise in every consumer touch point to meet them when and where they choose. From in-store through to digital, our approach is tailored for each market’s distinctions.


  • Flagship stores
  • Mono-brand stores
  • Shop-in-shops
  • Department store corners


  • Premium wholesale
  • Lifestyle wholesale (Bluebell Studio)


  • Official online flagships
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • APP

Integrated retail concepts

Bluebell multi-brand stores and corners:

  • Atelier des Parfums
  • Salon des Parfums
  • Petit Jardin des Parfums
  • Acanta (cigars)
  • (men’s apparel)

Travel Retail

  • Mono-brand stores
  • Shop-in-shops
  • Multi-brand stores and corners

Market places

  • Online shop-in-shops
  • Social commerce
  • Product listings


A full platform of services and resources immediately available across product categories, functions and expertise

bluebell buying | visual merchandising | marketing & pr | digital marketing | quality of service | business development | human resources | training | logistics | IT infrastructure | legal | finance 


Bluebell Studio is a lifestyle division, offering distribution and marketing strategies for up-and-coming accessory and lifestyle brands.

We curate high potential new products for distribution through a network of retailers in Asia. Bluebell Studio acts as a distributor, wholesale importer and consultant to accelerate growth for brands.

Thinking long term, together we can build the next wave of big brands in Asia with a relationship built on trust, respect and fair trading.


Knowledge and flexibility to create different business models for success

As an independent, family-owned group, we are flexible to tailor and devise the business models which best suit our partners.

Joint Venture

Exclusive Distribution

JV without P&L Control

Shared Resources, Risks and Rewards (Shared 3R)

Management Services



Travel Retail Management

Shareholding with Distribution