We understand that every brand has different and specific needs to flourish in Asia.

Brand acceleration

Drawing upon our industry know-how and networks, we assemble the exact support our Brand Partners need, from building awareness, to generating sales. For over 60 years, we have been building a flexible and agile platform with targeted services and expertise dedicated to accelerate growth


Seek out the right brands and business partners

Design the optimal strategy for each brand in each market

Leverage industry networks and assemble relevant resources

Implement the optimal strategy and engage the asian consumer

Ensure brand success with new growth prospects in Asia

Latest local industry and market outlooks
Latest Asian consumer trends
Key Opportunities

Individual strategy for each Asian Market
Optimal distribution plan
Tailor made business partnership
Business plan

Real estate owner connections
Digital operator connections
Marketing and PR activation planning
Relevant human resource allocation
Legal and IT support setup

Online, Bricks and Mortar store roll-out
Comprehensive training support
Rigorous maintenance and creative VM support
Localized marketing and PR execution
Bluebell showrooms and press rooms
Online, Bricks and Mortar store operations
Customer relationship management and customer service
Back office management

Monitoring the business
Identifying opportunities for further growth
Empowering local innovation
Scaling and optimizing the operations