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Michel and Catherine Goemans

Chairman's Message

To understand Bluebell is to understand who we are, as Bluebell is not only a part of us but also an integral part of our family.

Our roots date back to the late 1940s on the French Riviera, although the company itself was founded just over sixty years ago by Peter Goemans, to sell perfumes and assorted luxury goods in duty-free markets of the Far East. Two generations later, members of our family are still very actively involved and working for the company.

During the past sixty years, we expanded the business to represent a more diverse range of luxury in every major market around Asia. Today, we still like to stay very much in touch with the products and with the people we work with. It is just as important for us to feel comfortable with the partners we deal with, and to trust them, as it is to believe in the brands themselves.

This spirit has, over the years, attracted the right people to work alongside us, as we continue to learn together about the world's most successful luxury and lifestyle brands and their ever-changing retail concepts and distribution strategies.

Our enthusiasm for the business we have created, and the pleasure we have gained from working with such a wide variety of very talented people, have all been part of our success in introducing and developing many of the strongest brands in Asia, thereby helping to establish some of our partners as major brands in today's global market. This commitment to succeed is matched only by our inherent pleasure in dealing with all things luxurious and beautiful, and we look forward to sharing this enduring passion with you.

Michel and Catherine Goemans